Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's a Bumpy Road

"Boy...That looks like a Neurofibroma on your nose." The doctor said as he wheeled his chair closer to my daughter. Pressing and pinching it, he in fact noted the small bump on the tip of Bailey's nose was a tumor related to Neurofibromatosis.
"Let me write a referral so you can look at having this removed." He swung his chair around and began to scribble on his notepad.
Bailey glanced over at me, with a look of confusion...Then she told the doctor, "This is just one of many that I will get. I don't mind having this bump on my nose, and nobody else minds either. I like this bump...and I will like all the ones I get, because they are part of ME."
My mouth dropped open and my eyes got big. I did not expect this response to come out of my very shy, usually quiet little girl. I put my arm around her and pulled her into me. I whipered in her ear, "God, I just love you...I am so proud of you baby."
I kissed her on her cheek and she rolls her eyes. (That's my girl)
As we were leaving the hospital, Bailey asked me what the big deal was with her not wanting her neurofibroma removed. "God made me this way...why would I ever want to change myself?"
A very proud moment for me, I went on to tell her that she was exactly right, and she doesn't have to change, just because the option to change is there.
She is beautifully perfect...and THAT is something that will never change!


  1. What a sweet girl.Makes me want to put on a 2 piece and shout my joy too.LOL My belly/back is 100% covered so I never show it.But if a child can be proud of her bumps I should be also.
    Shes sounds like a wonderfull child,and you are a lucky Mom to have a great child.Congrats

  2. Bravo to Bailey! What an inspiration!

  3. You know where awesome kids get their awesomeness from, right? From their awesome parents. :)

  4. That's Wonderful. It made my Heart Smile.