Friday, January 28, 2011

Where Were You?

If you haven't already heard...25 years ago the tragic news of the Challenger Space Shuttle echoed around the globe.   Read More
I wanted to share my own story, then share a wonderful blog post my hubby put out today.
I was in 5th grade.  Mrs. Adam's wheeled a TV into our classroom, and we sat on the floor surrounding the broadcast of the launching of the Challenger Shuttle.  My thoughts were that I was just happy to be getting out of classwork...but it was a big deal, especially to the few teachers, that had a connection, with the teacher on board that shuttle.
It was exciting to see the launch, and countdown with the TV....  5-4-3-2-1 Lift off!  I remember watching, and getting excited as the cloud of smoke cleared....seeing the rocket blast off!  
Seconds later...Something went wrong.  The cheering in the classroom turned to gasps and crying.  The TV was quickly turned off and the Principal made an announcement over the loud speaker about what had happened.
Our school later that year, raised funds to help re-build the shuttle, but the sadness lasted a very long time...and for will never go away.
My hubby says it well...Tragedy can strike at any any place.  The fear of tragedy can stop many dreams from coming true.  The aftermath of tragedy can be even worse.
The best we can do, is to pick ourselves up and carry on....and keep dreaming.
God Bless those that were lost 25 years ago.  You will never be forgotten.
*thank you a great post*

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  1. This actually sparked a memory. When we were learning about this when I was very young, my older cousin was interested in Space and working for NASA, and I remember being SO upset, because I was worried this would happen to her, or Apollo 13, or any of the other disasters in space travel. She works for NASA now; a real rocket scientist! She's working on the space craft studying Pluto.