Monday, March 18, 2013

She's Happy!

In a world of MRI's, blood draws, and the constant worry of "what if's"...There is little to smile about.  But over the last few weekends, we have had a visitor staying with us, who has brought more than smiles to Bailey's face....He has brought a sense of hope!

"Everyone's always taking care of ME....Now I have someone to take care..."

But even though Bailey IS taking care of Fergus....Fergus is keeping a close eye on Bailey as well.  He follows her around the house making sure everything is okay.  They take care of each other!

In fact...Fergus has brought smiles to EVERYONE in the house--Even occasionally Rich. :)

We are excited to finish the process of adopting our service dog and can't wait to see the relationship between Bailey and her new best friend grow!

Thank You Freedom Service Dogs!


  1. My uncle got a seizure alert dog a few years ago and is " happier" with it also. I hope our daughter treatment goes well.

  2. That's great to hear. I also realized that a pet like a dog or a cat can bring my spirit up. I would have gone with a dog, but a dog is too much work for now, work that I won't be able to do everyday. So instead I'm going with a cat. I'm hoping to find one to my liking. I actually did see an amazing cat the other day in a clinic, but she had two kittens with her and the people who work at the clinic told me that the cat I want can only be adopted after her kittens are adopted. Hopefully someone will adopt the kitten sometime next week. I'm already in love with the cat, she is so beautiful.

    I hope you'll get some positive news from the scans.