Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More On Sensory Integration

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Yesterday I watched as Rachel had her second evaluation for Sensory Integration...It was NO SURPRISE, that the results were the same (even if her scores were higher) as they were 2 yrs ago.

I sat through the very familiar testing process...And saw my sweet little girl, struggle with things like watching flashing lights, guessing an object that was placed in her hands (eyes shut), matching rhythms (clapping, tapping feet)

Rachel became very frustrated during certain points of the test...Often refusing to continue.  
"My head hurts..."  "I'm too tired..."

But- Like 2 yrs ago....It was nice to see that someone else could see, the issues my daughter faces.

Sensory Integration won't go away....BUT....There are ways to help parents AND child manage.

Last year, I sunk my head into a book called "The Out of Sync Child" and I was shocked how almost every page, was like it was written about Rachel.

This check list was given to me by our Occupational Therapist

_____ Fear of new tasks and situations______Overly aggressive/explosive
_____Overly passive______Easily frustrated
_____Impulsive______Emotionally labile
_____Can’t follow directions______Unorganized
_____Can’t get work done on time______Can’t work independently
_____Distractable/short attention span______Can’t wait/take turns
_____Doesn't learn new activities easily______Clumsy
_____Tires easily______Difficulty hopping, jumping, skipping
_____Slouches, poor posture______Always something moving(leg, hand, body)
_____Poor pencil grasp______Poor handwriting
_____Breaks pencil or crayon______Awkward with pencil/scissors
_____Can’t copy from board/book______No consistent hand preference
_____Letter or number reversals______Likes physical contact
_____Avoids being touched______Dislikes getting hands dirty
_____Oral overflow (tongue out, drooling, hands in mouth)______Can’t keep hands to self
_____Fearful of activities moving through space______Poor balance
_____Excessive need for swinging, spinning, rocking______Delayed speech and language
_____Difficulty screening out visual/auditory stimuli______Difficulty with dressing skills
_____Difficulty discriminating shapes, colors, letters______Makes repetitious vocal sounds
_____Responds negativity to loud or unexpected noise______Positions hands awkwardly
_____Walks on toes______Rejects textures of food, clothing
_____Smells objects______Self-stimulation/self-injury

If your child shows signs of any of the above, it is recommended that you get a referral to an Occupational Therapist for further testing.

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