Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I came across this YouTube video that made me smile.  I absolutely love when I see ads that step out of the box and show the world that "beauty" isn't always wrapped up in a perfect package.

The project calls young women and their mothers to talk about the things about themselves they don't like. Then...snap some "selfies".

Round faces, rosy cheeks, hair, braces--  Wrinkles, fat....

Redefining Beauty.

These "seflies" were blown up, printed -- And Displayed.

Post-it notes were given out and comments were left on the pictures...And surprisingly, those insecurities, were what others saw as something beautiful.

I don't take "selfies"....Unless I am being silly with my kids.  My 13 year old daughter would say that I am "too old" to be taking "selfies" anyway...

But here we go.  Tumors and all.  Let's REDEFINE BEAUTY.

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