Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Biggest Loser

I haven't watched the episode yet....But the BUZZ was too much for me to resist.  Rachel Fredrickson was my favorite from the very first episode.  We had a LOT in common-- I wasn't an athlete or anything...But we started our "journey's" at almost the same starting points.

I almost can't believe the images I am seeing.

At 5'3" and 105 pounds....Something isn't right.

Sure I see the competitiveness of the show....and In Rachel's defense-I understand the desire for the TITLE....But MAN...THIS is hard to see.  Even harder to explain to my young children, who watch this show with me....
(The SAME kids who have seen their own mother struggle with weight issues.)

I've lost 115ish pounds....But I have done it over the last 2 yrs...And I haven't done it with cameras and a million people watching me...But I get the struggle.

All my best goes out to Rachel....AND anyone struggling with weight issues.  I hope that the people in this young woman's life are there to help guide her down a HEALTHY lifestyle.  After-all...If you aren't LEARNING -- YOU AREN'T CHANGING....and changing is the only way this girl will become HEALTHY!


(after about losing 70 pounds)

Where I am now -115 pounds

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  1. good going with weight loss. i have gone underweight from my medical conditions which include nf1 and autoimmunes so do not go overboard. my mother had overactive thyroid and was treated and gained so much weight as young adult