Sunday, December 7, 2014


I met with a good friend recently.  We talked, like we always do.  She is a very spiritual woman, who is strong in her faith...And I always go away from our meetings feeling very uplifted.  She has this way about her...That always seems to encourage me.

And...Although sometimes I don't feel like it...She tells me that I also encourage her.  It's amazing the impact that SOMETHING...or SOMEONE can make...without really intending to.

When I began this blog 7 yrs ago....It's intention was to put myself out there...Tell MY story, so that somewhere...Somebody would feel less alone.  I wanted to Inspire...Uplift...And Encourage those living with Neurofibromatosis...And help them see that a THRIVING LIFE was possible!

A few years ago, I began to end my blog posts with "THRIVE ON!".....Which has been echoed back to me several times, which really makes me feel GREAT!

So GREAT, in fact that it has been the staple of how I live my life!

I want to share with you a way that YOU TOO...can show what a THRIVING LIFE looks like!  A way to LIVE PROUD...And shout to the world that YOU ARE AN OVER-COMER!  A person who doesn't let life's obstacles hold them back!!

Cancer?  Brain Tumors?  Neurofibromatosis?  THRIVE ON means that you go beyond JUST DEALING WITH IT!  You FACE IT!  YOU EMBRACE IT!  And you THRIVE with IT!

Get your T-shirt now by clicking on the shirt of your choice....Join ME as with THRIVE THROUGH LIFE!


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