Monday, August 2, 2010

Who's Right?

What do you do, when doctors don't give you the news you want to hear? "The tests are negative....." "The test came back positive.........." "No surgery is needed.........." "This is urgent......." I have dealt with all of those statements from my own doctors and now I am dealing with them for my kids.

I even found myself a bit disappointed, when my MRI results came back "normal". There were no answers for my symptoms and I became frustrated. I didn't necessarily want there to be something wrong, but I was hoping for some kind of solutions for my pain.

Now with dealing Bailey and her current issues, I am running circles around these doctors who are giving me conflicting information. One says "The sooner the better." In regards to her surgery....another says "we should wait and watch."

While I don't want to put Bailey through any unnecessary surgery, I am finding myself confused at what we push for. What one dr. concidered urgent, another feels the need to put this off.

When people go for a 2nd opinion....who's opinion do they take?

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  1. I'm sorry. I know it can be frustrating when you're told different things. But you are remaining strong and determined. I have occasional pain in my finger tips I only went to one Dr. who summed up that there was nothing wrong. (!) After that one disappointment I have not gone back and I still have the pain.

    I wonder if it's possible for the 2 doctors to talk to one another (or even better, meet with one another), and discuss their findings and reasons...

    Keep us posted. xoxo