Monday, April 4, 2011

Chemo and NF

All is well here--Considering all that's going on.  The only side affect from the Chemo seems to be exhaustion.   But Bailey is handling it like a champ!

This weekend we were playing at the park and it was like nothing was changed....Nothing was wrong.

We know however, that this is the calm before the storm.  We know that once the chemo builds up in Bailey's system, things will change.

So we focus on our good days....The days where Bailey feels like playing, instead of sleeping....and most importantly we keep up our spirits and believe that this road we are on, is a temporary one, that will lead us to a better place.

I have to say, I never imagined a life that included taking a child to chemotherapy.  I doubt that anyone could imagine it...or want to.  But it is true, that it affects everyone in the family...not just the one getting hooked up to the IV every week.

Our family has been turned upside down.  Everything now focuses around the weekly chemo treatments, and the side affects that come from that.

I find myself struggling to balance life, with 5 other children who need me just as much as Bailey does.  Some days this balance is exhausting...I don't feel like I'm doing enough.

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  1. You are doing a great Job Kristi, I see all you do for everybody, all your kids, i dont know how you keep up with it all.. dont doubt that you arnt doing enough, Cause you are doing LOTS.
    This next year may not be the year you wanted, and it may not all come easy, but people are here for you. We love you and will help. I love you and i am always a phonecall away, day or night.

    you have taught all your children well, with skills to get through the tough times, and the strength to help everybody , and eachother get through tough time.. Even tho at the moment it may feel like its a constant fight with emotions from everybody, it will get better.. i promise.

    Love you Sis,