Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's The Little Things That Count

I was sitting by myself, practicing the keynote speech I am going to be giving in Toronto in a little over  a week, when this woman who was seated nearby taps me on my shoulder.

"Did I hear you say Neurofibromatosis?" She asked me.  Lost in thought and trying to focus on my upcoming presentation, I looked up at her.  She must've been in her 70's.

She asked me if I minded reading her the speech and told me that her granddaughter had been diagnosed a few months ago.

I was a little taken back, but I said "sure", and she then slid into the seat across from me.

I figure, the more practice I get, the better, so I began to read....looking up into her eye every chance I got.  She sat intensely focused on my words, which made me a little nervous.

I was thinking to myself  "Who does this?  Who comes up to a total stranger and asks to sit down with them to hear about what they are working on?"

As I got to some really heavy parts of my speech, I couldn't help but cry with this total stranger, who was now using a clothe hankerchief that had initials embroidered on it to wipe her eyes.

I finished up and she grabbed my hand and thanked me for sharing my story.  I gave her my email address and website and watched as she wrote it down....her hand was shaky, but her handwriting was beautiful.

As I watched her walk away, I felt this amazing and overwhelming feeling come over me.  I am doing exactly what God is wanting me to do.  This is an amazing feeling, and one that I hope I can live up to!



  1. Don't you just love how that when you are not sure of yourself, questioning whether or not it is the right thing to do God allows the situation to be answered in ways that are amazing? You are doing what you are supposed to do because I know how much I look forward to following you and your family on a daily basis. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration!

  2. Beautiful sweetie. All the lives that you touch will forever be blessed. You are going to do fantastic in toronto and I know u have a beautiful speech ready that they will intensely listen to and then be just like that lady was. You are a blessing kristi. Keep being you. I love you