Sunday, March 11, 2012

Insurance Woes

FINALLY - Some time where I can reflect on the last week!

When people ask how I'm doing, I generally say that I'm fine.  And I AM fine...But I'm also angry that we live in a world where much needed treatment is "denied" by pencil pushers who have no idea how important this treatment is to someone.

I'm exhausted at the continual battle.  I'm frustrated that our family faces one thing after another.  I'm sad that there is nothing I can do, to help my daughter.

I can see denying a tummy tuck, or breast enlargement....Insurance should not cover those things anyway...But to deny my daughter chemotherapy treatment, is just ridiculous.

Bailey had her port removed on Thursday and we were set to start her new round of chemotherapy on Friday.  But when we got to the hospital, we were told that insurance has denied coverage of this new treatment.

So...What are we going to do now?  FIGHT.  I am used to fighting for what I feel is best and I don't plan on stopping.  I will FIGHT until the insurance company says YES.  I will FIGHT until my daughter is healed....Then, I will continue to FIGHT until I take my last breath.

That's part of 'Thriving'....It's has become who I am...and what I live for!

Thrive On!


  1. so sorry I hear you my wife has nf and I have a very rare gentic syndrome and can't even get health insurance on my own we owe the hospital so much money just said ok pay us 400 a month we have been appealing after apealing it's sad to see that people in there doesn't see how hard it is you tell them your story and they don't care somedays I can't help but be so upset sending complaint email after complaint email just to keep getting an appeal and it never changes your not only in this keep fighting.

  2. Yes, fight is the answer for it. Go for it!!

  3. DENIED?? Chemotherapy?? Seriously? Some heads need to ROLL !! Keep up the good fight mama!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. I too have NF1, and have known about it all my life. And yes, I've recently been told my "pre-existing condition" is not going to be covered my my new employee insurance. Denying coverage based on DNA is arbitrary and saying, "A;; tall people will not be covered." When fighting the Evil Insurance Companies, it helps to know I am not alone. Best to you and your daughter. :-)