Monday, March 26, 2012

Sometimes...I'm Just a Little Bit Crazy!

So, I was out in the yard the other day....Looking at the tacky bushes that went along the entire front part of our house.  I truly HATE these kind of bushes, and I was silently wishing to myself, that it would be so nice to remove these bushes and create 'something new'.

The silent wish turned to pure determination, when I began trimming the bush, only to see that most of it was dry and dead.  So...I got out the power trimmers and slowly started hacking away....

 After about 30 minutes...I had removed an entire bush AND all of the roots that connected it!

I wondered if I should go any further...
 I was sweating and bleeding and barely a quarter of the way into this.   
 I continued...I was focusing on the BIG PICTURE....Not on how hard it was...But simply what my outcome would be.  
(No more nasty, spider infested bushes...and a nice place for me to be able to plant flowers)

That's a LOT like life....This HUGE undertaking, that sometimes leaves us battered, bleeding, bruised and overwhelmed...If we focus on the small "problems", it's very easy to get so discouraged, that we give up.

Staying focused and positive about whatever it is you are facing is definitely what helps a more positive outcome....Even if the "work" is painful and exhausting!

Sometimes...'Thriving' takes pruning. 

Trimming back, Cutting away all the "stuff" that just doesn't need to be there...
And creating your own 'something  new'!

I'll post more pictures -- as this project continues :)



  1. You are so inspirational. You're awesome.

  2. Great comparison to life and what many NFers go through. Looks like you needed a tractor to pull those roots out! Can't wait to see the flower pictures when you get them planted.

  3. Of all the posts you've written, this is my absolute favourite.

  4. When I rented a room from my moms friend she had tacky bushes all over her yard. I had to clean them up from the porch several times. We eventually cut down some of those bushes and trees.

  5. It wasn't until today I thought to type a search for "neurofibromatosis blogs" and it led me here. I've been reading random posts you've made here and there and will continue to do so. I immediately "followed" your site, of course. I don't know if you communicate with some of your followers, but if so I probably have a ton of questions for you! You see, my husband and two young sons (ages 3 and 21 months) have NF. My sons see an NF specialist once a year and this year it became obvious that my youngest son's chest wall was sort of "collapsing" and the specialist told us that he will most likely have to see a cardiac specialist soon. I'm totally emotionally "lost" right now and so I thought I would reach out to other NF moms.

    1. Thank you for commenting -- and for reaching out. I can most certainly understand how lost you feel...I often feel the same way.
      I am more than happy to exchange conversation outside of the blog...and I am happy to help with any questions u have. or click the above "contact me" button to connect in other ways.
      I look fwd to knowing u better.
      All my best-

  6. I'll send you a Facebook request if that's ok (from my actual name: Deanna Herrman). I've been reading this blog starting from the very beginning since I found it. Since reading it I have been inspired to put together a post on my sons' and husband's conditions and will be posting it in a couple of days or so. I look forward to getting to know you too.