Monday, May 21, 2012

"DOING SOMETHING Makes Me Feel Better!"

What makes somebody THRIVE?  

Websters dictionary defines the word THRIVE as:
"Something or someone who grows strongly and vigorously...Going beyond survial"

When 'Thriving with Neurofibromatosis was born almost 4 yrs ago, I had NO IDEA the impact it would make, on MY life...Not to mention, the lives of countless others, living with and dealing with NF.  I am proud to say that THRIVING has become a way of life for me and my family.

The concept of  'THRIVING' was something I could have never imagined when I was growing up.  So, the fact that my children have begun living a THRIVING LIFE has me bursting with pride.

But there are still times in my life when I just shake my head in awe.  When something happens that goes beyond reason and just shocks me with such amazement.

When I was a kid...I'd do ANYTHING to get out of going to school.  I HATED every minute I was there and went as far as to make myself pass-out in gym class, just to save myself from the tormenting I faced.

I'd play hookie, fake sick ---WHATEVER it took, to keep me away from the struggles I faced.

So...When I look at MY daughter, who is going through chemotherapy and dealing with ALL of the side affects from that.... A girl who has TWO brain tumors, and countless Neurofibromatosis complications and I see her get up every single morning and leave for school....without complaint, I can't help but just burst with pride.

Last Friday we got bad news.  One of Bailey's brain tumors is growing.  Two years ago this tumor was not there...Today, it's the size of a peanut M&M.  Over the last year, it has grown, despite being on 3 different types of chemotherapy.

The news was crushing.  (Probably more to ME than to Bailey)  But here is this 16 yr old girl who tells me..."I'd rather go to school today and DO SOMETHING, 'cuz DOING something helps me feel better!"  When I gave her every opportunity to stay home and rest.



Yes...In fact it IS!  THRIVING hasn't just affected ME and MY attitude....It has set an example that people want to follow!  Attitude makes a HUGE difference in how we allow things to affect us!!  I know for me and my family....THRIVING has kept my daughter ALIVE!  So why on Earth would I do anything else?


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