Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween?

I always look forward to this time of year.  The changing of seasons brings me to a place where I feel good.  Hopeful even.

Halloween has always been a favorite of mine...Knocking on door after door....And being given FREE candy?  Who wouldn't like this?!

As a kid, my older brothers were responsible for making sure I I didn't get lost on Halloween night... And we'd stay out for HOURS.  Our pillow cases stuffed full of candy, by the time we returned home...Where we would then dump our stash all over the living room floor and play the trading game.

M&M's for Snickers bars....Tootsie rolls for Milk Ways....

We didn't worry about strangers....And in our childhood world, life was pretty safe.  It's not that there weren't bad people, who did bad things...Because everyone knew those people were out there...But in our minds, we were untouchable.

I have become fairly invested in the story of Jessica Ridgeway.  The 10 year old girl who was snatched while she walked to school.  She was murdered....Then dismembered and tossed away like garbage.  Jessica's story hit our community hard....and continues to.

She could have been ANYONE'S child.

This senseless act has made such an impact on the community that this Halloween was different than any other I have ever experienced.

I KNEW that we were going to the do "traditional" door-to-door thing...To me....Life will always have bad in it.  It's not like I walk around completely ignorant.  But I refuse to allow all that bad, stop me from living life.

Last night, my kids and I walked our neighborhood and I felt so sad as I looked around at the empty streets, and darkened doorsteps.

The handful of houses that DID have their lights on, acted surprised when my children excitedly ran up and knocked on their doors!  So surprised, that MOST gave out handfuls of candy. (which of course, my kids accepted with no problem)

Is it that people don't want to move on?  No disrespect meant at all....But LIFE has to CONTINUE!  If it doesn't....What a waste!  I refuse to live my life in fear that something tragic will happen....I refuse to teach my kids to be scared of going outside.

We can teach our children (and ourselves) to be cautious and aware...WithOUT instilling fear!

So...We will (as long as it remains legal) to Trick-or-treat.  We will continue to LIVE.

And of course...We will continue to THRIVE!

Happy Fall!

 Brooklyn as "Eeyore"

 Bailey as "The scary candy hand-er-outter"

 Rachel as a "Vampire Princess"
Watch Out Bella!

 Riker as "Ninja Warrior"

 No surprise here...Riley as "Death"

The Gang...Braden as "Cowboy Kruger"


  1. I have from a religious prespective felt a little uneasy about haloween but still cool coustoms and I hope you did not eat to much candy, where I live people rarely pass out candy my moms church did though and it was a few blocks away. I did dress up a few times as a child last time about age 13.

  2. I love your kids creativity.