Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I sat there....Biting my nails, looking down at my phone...Playing my hundredth game of Candy Crush (trying to look "busy"...)

My mind was a mess....I kept wondering why on Earth I was so nervous.  I mean we've had close to 30 MRI's, over the last 3 yrs...So why was TODAY any different?

I'm not sure.

I had this feeling of dread.  Bailey has been on her "Chemo -Break" for 3 months....And I guess I was SURE we were going to get bad news.  I didn't want to talk myself into it....But I was definitely preparing myself to hear those words, no parent of a child with brain tumors wants to hear.


After the MRI...We headed upstairs to talk about the results.   We were sent back downstairs to give the Drs time to read the MRI...This did NOT calm my nerves...or Bailey's.

We got some lunch and visited with another NF mom, who works with the NF clinic and CTF...What a GREAT distraction this was.....*Thanks Jane*

During lunch, Bailey prayed the sweetest, most heart-breaking prayer I've ever heard...."Dear God....Please take away my brain tumors."


At our appointment, we met up with Molly...(I just love her.  She listens.  Sympathizes. and Follows through)
We were told how "Awesome" Bailey's labs were and how good Bailey looks (always lead with the good stuff.....I know this trick)

On to the tumors....JUST TELL US, my mind screams!!

While there was slight growth....Molly tells us this is still considered STABLE.  But my mind focuses on that frustrating little word....Growth.  Confused....Growth -- But Stable???

We'll take it.

This is where THRIVING comes in.  Sometimes the answers are unclear...Sometimes the answers just plain stink....But we are living proof, that switching your attitude has EVERYTHING to do with your outcome!


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