Sunday, May 12, 2013

When To Worry...

It's the night before 'The BIG Day'....And I am texting my daughter, who is laying in bed scared.  I've gone to her, tried to quiet her fears....And even tucked her in.  (She's 17 years old...and still won't fall asleep until I have given hugs and kisses....and I will hang onto this, for as long as I can)

I'm worried too.  Our 3 month break from a 2 year long chemo treatment plan has my mind buzzing  louder than the MRI machine that Bailey will experience tomorrow. 
"What if the tumors have grown?"   "What if there are NEW tumors?"  "What if....."

God....There are sometimes that I get so ticked off at this NF!  It feels like every 3 months we play a game of Russian Roulette....And so far...We've been lucky....If you want to call 2 brain tumors....One of which could turn deadly....Lucky.

I worry all the time.


Not quite the balancing act that keeps one very positive.

This type of worry, though really brings life into perspective....At least it does for me.  This type of worry has me focusing on the ABUNDANT GOOD that surrounds me...Brain tumors and all.

There is so much bad in the world.


Man....There is so much more GOOD.

Tomorrow will come....And then Tomorrow will fade into our memory  ---

Good News? -- Bad News?
Only God knows-


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