Thursday, August 29, 2013

Did You Have Surgery...Or Something?

Ok....Just forewarning you that this post may be a little ranty....(everyone deserves to rant every now and then)  

So, I'm outside unloading the groceries from our van....When this woman - (A neighbor, who frequents this blog, and I'm totally putting myself out there when talking about this, but I really don't care) Stops - Waves and says "Hey"....."Wow, you've lost weight....You have surgery or something?"

"No" I smiled, "Just a lot of hard work"

"No way...Come On.  You're joking....You had to have had surgery or something....What kind of weight loss pills are you taking?"

"Nope no surgery" I said, "just changing what I eat, and exercising."

"Ooooookaaaaayyyyyy." She walked away, rolling her eyes. Clearly, she didn't believe me.

She probably hasn't seen me in six months, and I've changed a lot in that time, both in weight and shape, and in the last 18 months I'm down 112 lbs. Still can't believe it when I say it to myself. At this point, I'm working on exchanging fat for muscle--toning up.

As for this woman? She's the same gal who sells all these herbally - oily - "CURES" for this or that, and accused me of not caring enough about my daughter to purchase her over-priced....No-Proof-to-cure-ANYTHING crap.

Yes---She ACTUALLY said "You must not care enough about Bailey, to want to AT LEAST TRY this stuff."

Sure, she really doesn't understand Neurofibromatosis. (Heck, I've run into DOCTORS that don't really understand it, and actually had to convince them I HAD NF.) She doesn't understand that there is NO "cure".  No magic potions, oils or diet will ever take this disorder away from me or my family....And I am sure she just wants to help....But to accuse me of not caring enough....That's when that conversation ended.

As she walked away, I could feel myself losing the ability to hold back the things I REALLY wanted to tell this woman - but worry not, I Thrived through it, and kept my mouth shut. Unless she happens to come read this post....Then I guess I'll have to post an update...*smile*

I turned my gritted teeth into a smile and thought to myself... "Blood - Sweat and Tears....No magic oils or pills...." And then walked inside.


  1. Well my dear, I think you're being a little too polite. I think what you mean to call this woman is "Jealous", "Insensitive" "Obtuse" "Shortsighted" and "Rude". What a nasty lady!!! She can't stand that you lost all that weight with HARD WORK. And then to accuse you of not caring about your own daughter enough!!! Honey, let me do the mean work for you. Lady, you are a BITCH!!! How dare you accuse my friend, my NF momma of such rude things. You deserve a day in the life of the people you put down. You deserve to know how it feels to feel "less-than". You are incredibly out of line and nasty. How dare you talk to a human being like that, let alone my friend and YOUR neighbor.

  2. I'm not so nice to people who are flat out rude like that woman was. Good for you for staying calm and taking the high road. But that woman deserves a smack upside her head.

  3. Her words and attitude give away her insecurity. Keep on keepin' on!