Monday, September 9, 2013

Thoughts From the Waiting Room

I'm here.  In a waiting room.  Again.  Braden is totally oblivious with how angry I am right now.  He is in for his first test and truly has no real clue why we are here.

I have talked to him.  I have told him that the doctors have concerns...but he has this way of "checking himself out"...when things get complicated.  A blessing in disguise.

I don't get REALLY angry very often. 

As we checked in this morning....the lady at the front desk mentioned how sorry she was for my young sons diagnoses. (First thought....Neurofibromatosis)  "What diagnosis? "  I asked.

"Cancer" she replied

"Uh....he hasn't been diagnosed with cancer! " trying so hard to not just breakdown right there.

"OH.....usually these tests mean.....I'm sorry.  I'm sorry!"

I melted. 

Braden and I walked around the corner to the next waiting legs bairly keeping my body up.

Process and breath.


  1. So sorry, I am praying for you right now.

  2. Thoughts are with you. Your journey has been inspiring to follow. I could only hope to be as strong as you are!
    Thrive On my friend!

  3. You have every right to be pissed off. People don't really think before they speak and think that if they offer some sort of conciliatory phrase, it will make you "feel better."I don't think its "nice" for front desk people to tell you a diagnosis at all.

    A random aid at the ER was the one who told us about Miss Aiden's cancer in a similar way. Its such a painful thing to say and its so hard to think someone can say it sooooo flippantly.

    I really, really hope your specialist says something different. Hang in there!

    1. Thank You Heather....This woman was truly remorseful -- But I agree, I think people who work at the frnt desk of a drs office should NEVER EVER mention why u are there....

      (((HUGS to you and Aiden)))

  4. Kristi,

    Sorry to hear that you're stuck in another waiting room. Praying for Braden, and all of you, as always.

    Were you at the NF walk yesterday? I didn't see you, but it was nuts since the turn out was so good.

    Julie & Sara

    1. I opted out of the walk. I wasn't in the "meet and greet" mood at all. I probably SHOULD have gone...But those walks are really overwhelming for my autistic kids --