Tuesday, October 8, 2013


That's the BIG question, isn't it?  WHY?  Why Neurofibromatosis...or Cancer...or Muscular Dystrophy...or a zillion other things....

I was one of the thousands lucky enough to see the movie UNSTOPPABLE.  I've heard about it for months...I was even part of the rise against the banning of the promotion of this movie on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall....I LOVED the movie.  Kirk Cameron went against the "norm" and created a truly UNSTOPPABLE film that, I am sure will change the lives of many people who were 'on-the-fence' about their beliefs.

I've asked "WHY" many times during my life...More often since Neurofibromatosis hit our family hard with its relentless blows...There is always something  to worry about...And there have been times when I feel like MY life is just a continuous science experiment, that keeps going wrong.

But...It's my belief in Jesus that tells me...when I am feeling like that....I need to draw closer to Him.

Sometimes...This is impossible.

I'd be a liar, if I told you that every time I feel a negative thought or think I am being cursed, that all I do is pray....and that it all magically goes away....

Faith doesn't work that way.

My belief -- And what I got from the movie, is that there is a reason for everything.

People suffer.

People die.

But- Life is always going on.  Moving forward.

People also heal.

People also leave imprints of their time here, for others to see.

So -- Why do bad things happen to good people?  Well...If BAD things only happen to BAD people...there wouldn't be those awesome stories of triumph and overcoming.  Healing and Restoration.  Faith and Inspiration.

I am HERE for a reason.


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  1. I ask that too. Why? Why am I the one of my sibling (or entire family for that matter) to have NF. It's one if the many many things that makes me different then the rest of the family.