Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This is my favorite time of year!  The cooler weather, the changing of the leaves, the smells....Everything about Fall makes me happy. Especially....Pumpkin Bread....which I HAVE made, but have yet to indulge in.

I remember as a little kid, how excited I would get for Halloween.  My dad would get his make-up kit out and spare no expense when he would create scary costumes for my brothers.  I was fascinated watching  as my brothers would get bloody scars or fake nails through their heads...

For ME...Halloween isn't about the devil....or Pagan....or darkness.....It's about having ONE night, to go all out -- Dress up and have FUN!  Knocking on doors, getting FREE candy and seeing my kids get soooo excited, as they dump their pillow cases of candy onto the living room floor...(So that mommy and daddy can inspect "suspicious" looking Twix bars *evil grin*

Selecting costumes at my house is a seriously crazy event, which usually starts taking place sometime in August. :)  As my kids get older....The costumes get a BIT more complicated.....

This year, I am proud to present my children:


SALLY from 'Nightmare Before Christmas'

TINKERBELL or FAIRY.....She can't decide

Yeah....This says it all 

So, I am a Christian mommy who LOVES Halloween.  In OUR family the "bad" part of Halloween doesn't even come to mind.  We are just a bunch of goofballs out knocking on doors to get candy.  THAT'S TRADITION for us....Which I sadly see slipping away.

Last year, our neighborhood looked like a ghost town.  Porch lights off, and just a handful of kiddies walking around....It made me kind of sad.  One house....dumped their entire bowl of candy in my children's bags....because WE had been the only trick-or-treaters for them -- 

I miss the 'old days'....But for as long as I can....I will have HALLOWEEN -- I will decorate and dress up and continue to be the goofy mommy who goes door-to-door with my kids


Happy Halloween!

Thrive On!

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