Sunday, November 17, 2013

I'm No Orson Welles

After my radio interview was finished...I breathed a sigh of relief...."IT'S OVER!!" I said to myself as I walked out of the 12-story building...I felt good.  REALLY GOOD!

Radio is fun...The interview was easy...And...I met a new friend, who is oh-so-inspirational!

If you would like to hear the interview, you can click HERE

Talking about Neurofibromaosis comes easy for me....I live everyday with 'something new' popping up, and find a huge amount of joy when I can talk to somebody that has never heard of this disorder....OR....when I can help a grieving family through the process of a diagnosis.

But talking about weight....This is NEW territory for me, and I still have a hard time accepting my weight loss.

As I said in my radio interview....I have ALWAYS had to deal with my weight.  Being a "chubby baby"....."sturdy" child and just plain "fat" adult, I used my weight as just another excuse to hide behind.

I wasn't diagnosed with NF until my 30's....But, I really always knew I had it...And the weight, was just something to hide it....A way to continue to 'fly under the radar'.

After that crushing day, when NF was recognized by my OB, I had to face that diagnosis head-on.  Just like that day, when those nasty numbers popped up on the scale....Slapping me with the reality, that I was out-of-control, and in serious denial.

Almost 2 years later...I have lost 115 pounds (and still going) and have continued a THRIVING LIFE, by showing the world, that I am no longer hiding.

And while I am no Orson Welles, the whole process of being on the radio was AMAZING!

Thank you to Angie Austin, for the opportunity to share my story, my battle and my successes with your audience!

To Robbie-  I am so glad to have met you!  Congrats on your weight loss AND your book launch...I am looking forward to a long-lasting friendship!


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