Friday, November 8, 2013

Wham Bam!

It's early.  TOO EARLY.  I'm sitting in another waiting room, while my daughter is getting her brain and spine imaged.  I'm used to this....I'm not pacing the floor, or even in the MRI room holding Bailey's hand.  I'm just here, wondering as the CRANKING and JARRING noises fill that room and images flash on the computer, what they are going to tell us.

For the last 9 months...We have heard the word "Stable"....No word sounds better...And no word has ever brought me such relief...Will we hear this word again today?  

I AM hopeful.  I HAVE given this to God....But....

When you are a mommy, who has a child that has something wrong  with them, there is NOTHING powerful enough, to take away the pain and worry...Not even God.

Then there is Braden.  Today...He will also be scanned.  His newly diagnosed eye issues will be closely looked at and imaged with an MRI....And the tumors in his back will also be checked.

This is over 4 hours of MRI-ing

Surprisingly - I'm not a mess.

It just is-what-it-is and we will take whatever news we get from today, 
and move forward in the way we need to.

This blog post will be updated--as our day continues

1:15 PM- 4 hours in the MRI and 1 hour driving
I got the kids something to eat....
Bailey was supposed to fast for her blood draw-  We weren't told this, but should have known, since she has had to fast for every other draw.....But, she was hungry, and I just didn't think.

We are checked in and just waiting now...

Thank you for your prayers and support



  1. I am glad your daughters tumor is stable. My tumor on forehead has been stable since it grew in 2007 and NF tumors are rarely cancer as I have personally met only oe person with a cancerous NF tumor. Sure a knew a few other NF general cancer sufferers but I am talking about NF related sarcoma. God bless you and your family journey. PS what kind of NF events are there in Colorado? The California ones are mostly in Vacaville far from m home near Los Angeles

  2. In our prayers! :)

    Kayli & Loric

  3. I'm a 34 year old mommy of 2 . I have NF2 and I have passed it on to both my children. So I'm right there with you sister! People are always like " oh my god how do you handle all of that?" And like you I say " it is what it is" this is all we have ever known so this is our "normal". What did the docs have to say?
    From GA with love and prayers,
    Linda Adams

    1. Stable Tumors...MRI again in 3 months.
      Thanks for your comment :)