Thursday, March 13, 2014

"To The Fatty Running On The Track This Afternoon"

This was taken from a Facebook user....And while it COULD be a made up story...I wanted to address it anyway.
Via Facebook

First of all...Who do you think you are?  You may be lapping this person, but WOW....I think you totally have WAY too much time on your hands....

To first off address the person as "Fatty"...You show NO COMPASSION--In fact you are nothing but a school-yard bully....who twists and turns your way out of trouble, by manipulation!

Judgmental--Sterotypical--And just plain mean.

I bet that "FATTY" isn't looking up at YOU, because they see YOU looking and judging them and making up some stupid scenario  - while your perfect body whizzes around the track effortlessly.

I am one of those people who was ashamed to go to the gym, because I was "too big".....I thought people would stare and whisper about the "Lard-Ass" who couldn't last more than 10 minutes on the elliptical machine....AND YOU...just proved me right.  Shame on YOU.

But you know what....?   People like you, haven't stopped me.  Go ahead and make your assumptions about late night snacks and beer guzzling (none of which I take part in...)   Because YOU don't really matter.  I have dealt with ignorance my entire life....And you....Are just another bug, to be flicked off my shoulder.



But...NOT because of YOU



  1. Kristi, I'm so proud of you for continuing your journey to greater health! As my weight has fluctuated 100lbs over the last 20 years, and I'm at the higher end of that now, I feel like your sister in suffering. And my first reaction to that FB post was shock and anger... but could I offer you another possible view?

    It's the unfortunate truth that people are attracted to negativity. What's more likely to get someone's attention in an overcrowded Facebook news feed: a post that begins, "I'm so proud of the overweight woman I saw running today!" or, "To the fatty I saw running today,"? I believe more people are going to stop and read the nasty post than the uplifting one.

    But by starting the post in that way, and then turning it around to a positive message, I think it caught greater attention and was seen by more people. Just something to consider.

    I agree with you in your disagreement with the message of excess weight being our "fault" and something for which we need to "pay penance". There are so many reasons one can gain weight, and only the smallest of them is willpower. People who are naturally skinny rarely understand just how complex weight management can be.

    I love reading your blog, and I'm following your progress with my pom-poms in hand, cheering you on!

    1. In my opinion....Negativity NEVER motivates.
      I got to thinking more about the original post....Maybe this person was talking to himself...?

      But in the end....this post came off as ignorant and judgy. The overall tone comes from someone who truly doesn't understand what it is like for someone to GET OUT THERE and start to change their lives.

      All I saw in the post, was ME back in middle school, running that dreaded mile run...panting and sweating....while my classmates looked on, laughing --

      I think this person point was missed by a LONG LONG SHOT...And the person needs a lesson in manners and class-

      Just MY 2-cents :) Thanks Angie for your encouragement -- All me best to you! <3

    2. And...I DO agree that unfortunately NEGATIVITY grabs the attention....I guess that's why I'm not more popular ;) HUGS to you!!

  2. I think the word 'fatty' was meant as social satire and also were just use to make a point. don't see much negativity in the post :)

    1. Thanks for your opinion. This was just my take on it. The overall tone just rubbed me wrong...Making a stereotype...and Assumptions....To me - this came off VERY judgmental.

    2. As someone who has been diagnosed as "morbidly obese," I read the post as being supportive. The poster had a writing style that was a little rough (fatty was over the top), but I think as he/she wrote what you were thinking as you ran, and the impact that it would have on your journey might have been because he/she knew firsthand how it was ... or maybe that the poster was thinking how hard it was for him or her, and admired your persistence. I just didn't think it came across as judgmental - in light of actual judgment I have received during my journey and struggle.
      But put aside remarks from people who speak from ignorance, and just listen to yourself!! I'm cheering you on and taking more walks, and trying to break the chocolate craving (no mean task)!!