Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Doctor Doctor - Give Me The News

I know most people can't say that they are excited to see the doctor...But I was.  I was SO excited in fact, that I had a completely different blog post already written, in anticipation for this visit.   Let's just say...this visit...didn't go as planned.


Well aside from being sick with a cough for 3 weeks and needing refills on my prescriptions, I wanted to be able to "OFFICIALLY WEIGH-IN" on a medical scale...And possibly have the chance to brag a little about how much weight I have lost. 

I didn't want high-fives...or a parade ... BUT I DID want something other than what I got.

"Hmmm You're overweight" The DR says as she walks in the room....(no --'hi... how are you?')  "Are you watching your saturated fats...?"


My heart sank.

"Have YOU looked at your charts Doc.?  What is the last weight you have?"

She tells me 203.

Then tells me that according to the "Ideal Weight/Height Chart" I was still considered "overweight"...and that "I had a ways to go".....

COMPLETELY missing the fact that I was 80 pounds lighter than the last time I was seen.

I'm sorry....But my balloon was deflated!

I know it's not the doctors job to make me feel better about myself....

Wait.  YES IT IS!  That's what we PAY them for!

I couldn't believe it.  I was crushed....Hurt....and feeling like ALL THAT HARD WORK I WAS DOING DIDN'T MATTER.

(I know it DOES matter...But the doctor got me to a place I never wanted to be)

Who IS SHE anyway?  Why did I allow HER negativity to affect me so much?

It's 'cause I am obviously still working on myself.

I have lost a total of 118 pounds (according to the highest recorded weight) and even though it has taken 2 years of REALLY hard work....My insides have a LOT of catching up to do.

If I went by "ideal weight"...I'd be 105 pounds...Yeah...In an IDEAL WORLD, where I'm not almost 40 years old....Had SIX babies...and had perfect genetic background.

Charts--Graphs--And Ignorant Doctors can bite me.

 Negativity has NO PLACE in this new body.



  1. I don't think those "ideal weight" charts are healthy, anyway. Be proud of what you HAVE accomplished! 118 pounds is amazing.

  2. Doctors are such assholes. GIRL YOU GOT THIS! I'm struggling to loose 10-20 pounds and GIRL, seeing you so tiny and cute is AWESOME!!!!!!! Show me a doctor who isn't an asshole, and I'll eat my hat.

  3. Wow! I hope this was a Doctor who doesn't know you (like in a group practice) rather than someone who has known you. My Dr with whom I have a long-term relationship would have been throwing me a party! In fact, even though my husband has many lbs to go before he reaches his ideal weight, our Dr DID get very excited with him when he brought his BP, cholesterol & weight (by 30 lbs) down through diet & exercise. You need a more human Dr. You're doing AWESOME. Most Drs don't see patients working as hard as you at being healthy, so...you need a Dr who celebrates when someone like you comes through the door. By the way, you look FABULOUS in the karate picture. I think you don't even look overweight at all in that pic, so I'm especially shocked that the Dr "greeted" you that way. Keep up what you're doing!

  4. You are mighty, and your hard work has totally paid off. I am sorry the doctor was blinded by a stupid chart and missed the awesomeness before her.
    Dave had that happen, a doc asked him why he runs, since running is for thin people. At that point he had completed about a dozen half marathons, a full marathon, several 10 milers...and the doc shot him down.
    Hope if they're ever in a race together the doc can keep up. ;) Doubt it. heehee.
    You go!

  5. Just checking in again girl. After I read this post a little seed got planted in my head. Now I'm going to try to loose 30 lbs by 30! (or at least get INTO the 130s!) I have a year and a half. If you can loose over 100lbs and look so fabulous, I'm sure I can loose a mealsy 30 lbs! Thanks for the inspiration for weight loss and NF!

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