Friday, April 4, 2014

Why Am I Doing This?

I'm not going to name names....But a person close to my heart asked me a question the other day that got me to thinking....Actually....It got me MORE than thinking....It sort of ruffled my feathers a little bit.  Now if this person is reading this post...I mean no disrespect and I LOVE you tons...And maybe possibly, this was EXACTLY what I needed.

This person asked me "So...Why all of a sudden are you exercising and losing weight...Why the new obsession...?  I thought you looked fine the way you were."

This took me by surprise because:

1.  Nothing is "all of a sudden" about me trying to lose weight.  I have been struggling with my weight since Junior High...and have Yo-Yo'd around the scale since forever.

2.  If I were to continue on the path I WAS on....I'd either be dead....or seriously and dangerously obese.

3.  I may have "looked fine"...But I wasn't.  I was miserable.  I was tired.  I was just getting through the days and was extremely depressed.

So after the conversation with my friend....I got into my car and the song 'Girl on Fire' by Alicia Keys came on the radio....I found myself singing to it and feeling unbeatable.

All the WHY's of my journey surrounded me.

1.  My "new" Hobby--Obsession has helped me feel worthy.  I NEVER felt like I COULD feel good about myself.  The tumors/freckles/birthmarks all held me back...whispering lies like how it wouldn't matter if I lost weight...The tumors would always be there, reflecting back at me from the mirror chanting that I would ALWAYS -- NO MATER WHAT...Be ugly.


2.  I may have "looked okay"....But seriously....Excusable Fatness?  I'm sorry....NO WAY.  I'm no fitness expert....But there is no planet in our universe that would say it was okay for my 5'1" frame to carry over 240 pounds.

The wall I was facing - Being that 240 pound woman was CRAZY.  And it scared the crap out of me.  But I'm doing it.  I've DONE IT!  Day-By-Day.

3.  I am in no way the most confident person in the world.  Heck I can barely carry on a conversation with someone....BUT...What I feel INSIDE...WOW.  It's a type of rush that can only be understood by people who have done it.

4.  FAT is no longer my best friend.  Seriously.  I counted on my fat for everything.  Now....It's up to my MIND..MY SPIRIT...and MY HEART...and I have to say, it's a MUCH better relationship!

5.  Once I got rid of the excuses was when my journey REALLY took off.  When results began - I knew I had to go all the way.  The only thing keeping me from being better...Was ME.

Knowing I can keep up in a kickboxing class...or Run 3 miles in a half hour pushes me forward and helps me never want to look back.

WHY am I doing this?



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  1. Kristi I totally understand where you were. I'm long overdue to update my blog. I let myself gain another 40 lbs, depression, and bad self image. All because I withdrew with my back injury and workers comp case. I deal with chronic pain, but I'm coming out of my "shell" and I'm tired of feeling this way. It's time to fight and find myself again! You are inspiring