Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Who's That THRIVING Girl?

My hubby has a blog and it's not a weight loss blog.  But he faithfully checks in with his readers about once a week, to keep him accountable for how he is doing on his journey with weight loss.  And I will say...He has done AMAZING!  Sure - he has more "off days" than I do....But, I am so impressed with his focus and dedication to a healthier him! Check him out HERE

He and I have essentially been on the same "diet" for the last 2 years.  We have been low-carbing and working out at Planet Fitness...And I found my sweet spot in doing kickboxing a few times a week....

But today....Was the very first time we actually worked out TOGETHER.  Him spotting me....Then me spotting him.

It was amazing!  Sure we have been at the same gym....at the same time...and occasionally catch each other's eyes from across the floor....But today was different.

I felt Supported and Encouraged.  ( I feel this way a lot...but sometimes a little something EXTRA is needed when it involves weight loss )  :)

An amazing switch, from how I feel when I workout alone.

Without the LOVE and ENCOURAGE from friends, family and people I don't even know, THRIVING would be just a dream....I wanted to THANK ALL OF YOU....The people who leave encouraging comments....The ones who "anonymously" read and walk away feeling better about life, the many who defend me when someone is less-than-nice...and even the ones who are frustrated and angry with life....ALL of you have helped shape me into who I am today.

Feeling a bit MORE THRIVING than usual!


  1. You GO Girl!

    Linda from Facebook

  2. Wow, you look awesome! I'm so glad I've been following this blog long enough to witness the hard work and your transformation! Thanks for your encouragement of ME getting out there and USING my Planet Fitness membership!