Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I am FAR from what someone would call a confident person.  I avoid crowds.  I don't have very many friends.  Conversations with me are short and sweet.  And if I am invited to a party (unless it's a child's party) I try to find a way to get something on the schedule and be "busy" that day.

People generally make me feel uncomfortable.

I don't know what it is....I am a nice person and loyal friend, but if someone I don't know comes up to me out of the blue, I act like an anti-social weirdo.

Like for instance today at the gym.

I was minding my own business....15 minutes into my 30 minute elliptical cycle when this man came up to me to say "Hi".  Hmmm.....No One usually talks to me at the gym (I'm often with my husband....) So this was just kinda weird.....He smiled and stuck out his hand......

Ok....I'm on this ELLIPTICAL MACHINE....A machine (at least for me) that requires both hands....Both feet and....Concentration on my coordination!  Sooo...Uhhh....CRAP....What do I do?  Ignore him?

I unplugged my earplugs and managed to shake his hand and watch as he got onto the machine next to me.  

UGH!  Seriously?  

I push through...catching this guy looking over at me and smiling.....15....MORE....MINUTES....I keep chanting to myself.....15......MORE.....MINUTES!!!!

My comfort zone was pushed to its limit....But I kept remembering this quote that rolls around in my head, every time I get discouraged....Every time I feel like giving up.....Every time things don't go my way....

My Comfort Zone Kept Me FAT!

The "OLD ME" would have left the gym the moment someone decided to get on the machine next to me.....Even MORE....The OLD ME....Would have skipped the gym and headed to McDonald's.

My ENTIRE life (Until NOW) has been about other people.  What they thought of me....How I can get them to like me.....What they were saying about me behind my back......

I found myself on the elliptical - next to a man - who - Who knows what his intentions were.....Maybe he was just a nice guy, who saw a nice woman....and was just being friendly.....

THIS was NOT going to stop me from working out and finishing!  I mean....We were BOTH at the gym for the same reasons...Right!?

So I finished.  And I finished HARD.



  1. I thought this was a blog about Neurofibromatosis NOT weightloss *SMH*

    1. This blog is about THRIVING. Neurofibromatosis is PART of my life.....So is weight loss. I also have 6 kids and a husband who is a public speaker. The blog encompasses ALL THAT IS THRIVING....which is everything!

  2. Way to go! Not everybody is judging. Not everybody has bad intentions. I am somebody who constantly feels judged, as a woman, as a mom, and it is not easy to get passed sometimes. Keep it up!