Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been "hosting" Thanksgiving dinner at my house for years.  My exuberant crowd usually gives me a "thumbs up" with everything except ...SCRATCH that...The turkey is pretty much the only thing they eat, with the exception of my hubby (of course) and a few others who get BRAVE enough to try a "thank you" bite of mashed potatoes.

So, anyways....My hubby and I were grocery shopping and got to the TURKEYS.  *gobble gobble*

What the heck.....This one is almost 40 dollars....While THAT one (which is HEAVIER) is 17.

Hmmm  - I have ALWAYS cooked the cheaper turkey...and they have ALWAYS been yummy....I started wondering if the more expensive turkeys were raised by Daddy Warbucks....While the cheaper ones got kicked around in some turkey orphanage.

I LOVE Thanksgiving.  The business in the kitchen....The excitement to taste all the amazing flavors...The togetherness....And most especially...The fact my Christmas tree goes up!

I am NOT a Pinterest-worthy cook.  In fact, I feel like people spend WAY too much time on their turkeys in general.  My turkey gets coated in olive oil....butter....salt...and that's IT. ...I have tasted turkeys that people spent HOURS preparing with spices, lemons, leaves....And....I felt like spitting the stuff out in my napkin! (sorry to whoever reads this who takes offence...But when it comes to turkey, in my opinion....the simpler....the better)

I LOVE traditional....I don't ever try to live up to some Pinterest-type life....Because I know it's impractical...And it's just not who I am.  And even if I tried....My turkey would probably end up looking like this...

This Thanksgiving I am focusing on what is REALLY important.  If my "cheap" turkey tastes like a cheap turkey, so what.?  If all my kids eat JUST ONE bite of potatoes, doesn't matter.

Look around you.  See all those blessings?  They are there....even if you have to search for them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I do not celebrate holidays much but hope you had a good thanksgiving and thruve on.