Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Holiday Craziness!

I usually go missing in action this time of year.  The craziness seems to keep me running from one thing to the next...So today, I wanted to slow things down a little and catch up.

My Holiday CRAZINESS begins in September.  While school has already started, September is filled with Birthdays!  And the Birthdays don't stop, until after we ring in a new year.

September 18th...Both Brooklyn and Riley turned another year older.  I swear, when I look back at all the parties ...It just seems to have swept by and gone WAY too fast!

Then....I turned 40.  Yeah Yeah...I even dedicated a whole blog post to how I feel about that...But, it's not as hard as I thought it would be to be 40.  I kinda like it....Now, I can act mature and feel normal doing it....Or I can be silly and be one of THOSE moms...

Early October, Braden turned 17!   SEVENTEEN!!!  I can hardly believe it!  These kids are becoming grown ups, right before my eyes!  Having THREE teenagers in my house is a daily adventure....I am so proud of all of my kids!

THEN....we had Halloween....Which seems like was celebrated the ENTIRE month of October.  I love EVERYTHING about October...Especially raking and playing in the leaves....Which became tradition the very moment I became a mommy.

And now...We're into November...Thanksgiving and another Birthday....Then December...With ANOTHER Birthday and of course Christmas...

In the meantime...We had another STABLE MRI for Braden, which sets our mind at ease a little...And we can put our focus where it should be...

That's an update from my little corner of the world...I hope that my family and friends who read this blog learn to take the Holiday Craziness one day at a time...and enjoy those moments when you can relax and reflect on the blessings that surround you.

Thrive On!

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  1. You guys do anything for vets day. My dad was a vet and had nf1 he is barried in riverside national cemetary and the metrolink train does not run often so i cant visit his grave. I like the costumes . Dont complain about age 40 you are still a young mom my mom is 57 and had kida kind of late.