Tuesday, March 3, 2015

When it Rains...It POURS!

I love my video blogs...And I thought about making THIS a video...But I don't feel like I would come across very well...And I am so completely frustrated that I think the written word would be much better for this type of post.

2015 was set up to be amazing.  Rich and I had plans.  Goals.  And we were, strike that, we ARE determined to make things happen.  Heck....we even bought a nice journal to track our unwavering progress.


Life hit.

Over and OVER and OVER!

In February, We got a notification that said "Thank you for renting with us.  We value you as tenants!  Starting April 1, 2015 your rent will be increased by $150."


$150...to MOST people, is a drop in the bucket.  No big deal. But to those who live life on a relatively fixed income, scraping by month to month...It's HUGE.

Then, another blow.
A letter from the Social Security Administration stating Rachel no longer "qualifies" for disability.  That her status has "improved".  This not only threw me into a panic....It kinda ticked me off!

Neurofibromatosis does NOT IMPROVE.  Rachel HAS remained stable...As far as brain tumors and vision are concerned...But she is far from "no longer disabled".

Our situation as a family has been "stuck".  On the system and (sadly) relying on it to help us with a place to live and put food in our mouths...And now suddenly...The "system" decides that things are better...When they really aren't.

I was conflicted...embarrassed. At the same time, I'm feeling like maybe this is our chance to get OFF the system, and really push our lives out of the tangled - complicated web of medical - financial - craziness and finally stand up on our own two feet.

My mind going crazy with thoughts...The forces of nature playing a cruel joke on us.  Fate...not wanting us to succeed, or maybe INSISTING that we succeed. I'm speaking in Vancouver in October, But I should be speaking throughout the year. My next book will be out by end of Spring. Our future, while it feels like we're getting constantly punched in the face, is still under our control.

We just need to keep moving our feet. Fight back.  THRIVE.  We put our words to ACTION.  We don't give up.  We see the bigger picture....and hand our stress and our fears a KNOCKOUT blow!


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  1. Praying for you, and praising you for your tenacity! As always, well said!