Monday, February 23, 2015

Bailey's Service Dog

Two years ago, Bailey applied for a service dog.  Fergus has been such a big part in Bailey feeling better.  Not only does Fergus detect seizures -  He helps Bailey cope with the emotional side of dealing with a progressive - and complicated disorder. 

For more information about where Fergus came from, please go to

Do you qualify for a Service Dog?  Google 'Service Dogs' and search your city for organizations that can help you apply!

To Qualify:

  • Be at least 12 years of age unless service dog is needed for a child with autism (see below)
  • Have a diagnosed physical disability, anxiety disorder such as PTSD, debilitating chronic illness, or neurological disorder affecting at least one limb
  • Reside in a stable home environment
  • Be physically and cognitively capable of participating in the process of training, up to one hour per day
  • Be able to independently command and handle a service dog
  • Be able to meet the physical, emotional, and financial needs of a service dog
  • Have no other dog in the home (other animals as pets are permitted)

    1. I have a few questions. Service dogs are housebroken right? Does it cost the person who wants the dog a lot of out of pocket . Money? I have nf and othet diseases mtself and get 1100 SSDI a month and doubt could afford a service dog I thought about getting one. Also do workplaces required to allow services dogs?

      1. Hi Willie. Yes Service Dogs are completely housebroken and trained for specific skills...depending on the need.
        Getting a service dog can be very expensive ($2-10,000) However the organization that we went through was unique....Since this organization RESCUES dogs...there is no charge to the clients...However extensive training and a number of hours MUST be committed by the client - in order to adopt.
        Freedom Service Dogs actually RESCUES dogs from shelters and puts those dogs through many tests to see if they have the ability to be trained for specific skills. It's AMAZING the things we learned - as we went through our adoption process!
        Fergus -- is not s FULL-Fledged Service he has problems with large crowds....So -- We adopted him as a companion

      2. PS. If you have a service dog...Work places MUST allow you to have the dog with you.