Monday, June 1, 2015

Off to Camp!

The kids have been gone for over 24 hours now...The house is empty....And I am feeling like I want to accomplish ALL these things....But...I am having a rough time getting my mind (and I guess my body) motivated.

All I want to do is - NOTHING.  I want to soak up the quietness and rest.

Our home has never once been this quiet, so taking advantage of this time is important...So- why can't I push through and actually GET SOMETHING DONE?

Like my books....?

Summer will be in full swing, when the kids come back from camp...And in a little less than 2 wks ....I fly off to Utah, to see my dad.

It's always hurry hurry in the Hopkins house...So maybe there is nothing wrong with me taking this time to unwind and chill.

I still want to write my books...and I still need to re-write my keynote speech for my speaking gig in Canada....

Can someone just freeze time...?

1 comment:

  1. At 8am after my boys get on the school bus - I soak in that quiet too.
    I'd miss them on camp - they told me last week they are going on an overnight camp - deep breaths.
    How do you let them go ?