Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hiding with Neurofibromatosis

So, I've been working at the movie theater for 3 months now.  I've made my presence known as someone who is hardworking and reliable.  My favorite job there, is working in the cafe' as a barista...I get to make cool drinks and desserts...And I take a lot of pride in the products I send out to people.

I've become known as the best barista at the theater...And even have guests order something, just because...I AM the one working.  Even having one guest tell me that his Iced Coffee with Caramel...was like having an "orgasm in his mouth"...

-Jaw Dropped-

I am having a lot of fun, but I still struggle with being 'out there' - in front of people.

It's a constant struggle.

Sometimes I feel like a hypocrite - Claiming to THRIVE with NF...While inside, I am still trying to figure out how to deal with the constant battles I have in regards to WHAT I THINK is happening when someone sees me.

I'm under these bright lights, so I know that I can't hide my bumps.  I KNOW they can be seen...So, then I have to find ways to make up, for how I come across.

Being EXTRA nice....Helps.  The fast-paced flow of people makes it so people don't really have much time to stare and ask questions...I literally can help 400-600 people a night...

But I am realizing that I am one VERY insecure person.

It doesn't matter to me when someone says "who cares what people think."

I always have cared.  And I always will.  And I guess what REALLY matters, when it comes down to it...Is if I CHOOSE to allow what people THINK of me, affect how I feel/think of myself....And if I let those people stop me from going out into the world and THRIVING.

I know that even 'perfect' people deal with how they feel about themselves...Look at all the people who get cosmetic surgery...Even tho, they REALLY don't need it...

Losing 120 pounds has surprisingly done little to help me feel better - emotionally.  I thought I would be magically transformed...Shedding the old me...But that's not what has happened.

My bumps are here.  I am who I am.  I have to learn how to embrace this....Even when it seems impossible.

I am always working on myself.  Always STRIVING to THRIVE!



  1. You might be on to a brand opportunity with your coffee..after all if there is a "sex on the beach" drink and "better than sex" chocolate cake; you could make a catchy name for your special technique! Thanks for all you do and to coin a phrase from your hubby, "living anyway."

  2. I feel ya. I too have NF and have tumors EVERYWHERE!! I have had people get up and leave a public pool because they were so offended by how I look. There are days where I look in the mirror and take a peek at Charles F Tumor, Esq (Yup I named it) and wonder how I would look without him plastered on my face for the world to see. Hang in there. I wish it got better from here. But you know it wont. A downer I know. Keep pushing your boundries. Keep toeing that line. If we are comfortable with our own looks/skin then the general public will feel that and not be so unnerved. I hope.