Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I am a Work in Progress

After Rachel was taken off disability, I sorta panicked.  This meant no health insurance...And I was left scrambling...Trying to figure out what to do.

She needed an MRI...She has been complaining of headaches and dizziness for a while...And a tiny part of me was feeling that I was glad she didn't have insurance...Because I was dreading discovering that her little 'something'...could be a BIG something.

After all, Bailey was this age, when things were discovered with her.  I was scared.  I am scared.

But...Part of THRIVING is facing the fear that come along.

Neurofibromatosis is scary.  There are unknowns all the time.  The somethings could be something...or nothing....And my job is to face it, no matter what...So I can lead my children to do the same.

We were finally able to figure out the health insurance and I made the call...Scheduled Rachel's MRI...and we will deal with whatever comes along...WHEN/IF it comes along.

Borrowing worry needs to stop.


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  1. how old is Rachel? She could get SSI OR SSDI at 18 and certainly your daughter Bailey would get it if not just sue sue sue the SSA. I am tired or ex drug addicts claiming mental illness getting disability I have NF related partial blindness myself plus real high functioning autism and used the lawyer Bill Latour to get SSDI and won. You work at a movie theatre right? Go back to community college and become a manger then you make some of the rules and better pay. How did your husband lose his Limb in the army or something?