Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Update!

I hate when it goes this long between blog posts.  But, a friend once said to me...That she knows I am doing well, when weeks go by between my writings.

It's not that I have nothing to write about...Because believe me, I do. I just have always had a difficult time processing stuff...Then...managing my time to get it out there.

The Summer is over - and we are now in full-swing with school!  It's an exciting and frustrating time for everyone.  And we are figuring things out as we go....and adjusting schedules and getting in those very important IEP meetings...

I wish I had someone - who knew all the ins and outs of these meetings.  I know what my kids NEED...But asking for it, and getting it implemented in their plan is difficult.

Braden is a Senior.  How did THAT happen?!  He is a very sweet boy...Who still needs quite a bit of support.  People ask me all the time - "Is he going to college...?  What will his plans be...?"  The simple answer is that we need to keep Braden active in ways that most "normal" families wouldn't understand.
I would love to tell people that - "YES!"  "We are packing up the car and driving him to his dorm and he's going to major in electronics..."
But OUR reality is just trying to maintain stability.  Health-wise and financially.

As long as Braden is happy....And his tumors are stable...I would call THAT a successful life! :) 

Riley.  Errr Rylieegh :)  She just started HIGH SCHOOL!!  As a family, we made the decision to pull her from the Charter School she had been going to for the last 2 yrs...Sometimes, the fit, WE, as parents think, is best for our kids...Ends up NOT being right for them....And this was the case with Ry.  She seems happy, and is adjusting well to life as a Freshman!

I'm not sure what happened.  I blinked...And this girl grew up. :)  7th grade.  JUNIOR HIGH!  She is having a difficult time adjusting to the hustle and bustle of changing classes and accessing her locker...And the classes are overwhelming her...So we are planning a meeting with her learning group to adjust things for her.

Medically- Rachel has been having an increased amount of headaches...Which led us to get an MRI (the last one was 2 yrs ago)  And the findings were hard to swallow.  
Compared to the last MRI...She has 3 new "masses" or lesions.  They are small...but significant enough to pay attention to.

In October...Rachel will have another MRI...And we will compare, and take action if that's what doctors suggest.  Letting things go is so hard.  I was so frustrated when the drs told us to wait and see what the next scan shows...I'm a fixer....and when I can't fix....I get CRAZY (just ask Rich)  

Riker is so full of life.  He started 5th grade and is already showing off his "smarts".  He loves his teacher and has made some new friends.  He says the best part of school is that he gets to learn a bunch of cool things!

After an entire Summer of MineCraft playing...I am happy to see him focusing on other things!

Brookie was really nervous about starting 3rd grade...But after meeting her teacher and seeing a few old friends...Things are going great!  I love seeing Brooklyn grow and learn....She soaks everything up like a sponge...And has the sweetest soul ever.

She says that she loves ART the best...And wants to become an Art teacher and teach at JA...So we are definitely supporting this idea by providing Brooklyn with endless art supplies!

***Life just continues to ZIP by.  The Summer was fun...And filled with camp, video games, sleeping til noon and LOTS of fabulous memories.  Sometimes I get sad, seeing how fast my kids are growing up...But...then I see how happy they are and the sadness turns to pride :)


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