Friday, November 6, 2015

Giorgio Foundation PART 2- The Speech

I love the advice people get when speaking in front of a large crowd.  Being married to a professional speaker, I think I have heard it all!

Honestly, I think picturing the crowd in their underwear is good advice...The part where Mr. Brady says that it helps the speaker realize that the people they are speaking to, are human, just like them makes sense.

I didn't have time to picture THIS audience in their underwear....I was too focused on not falling on my face. :)

The speech was about my own diagnosis....How I choose to THRIVE, through all of the uncertainties...All of the fear....All of the anger....How I go beyond just 'living' with NF.

For me, I felt empowered on stage.  Looking out into the crowd of several hundreds of people, did not scare me (I was shocked by this)  Instead it made me feel like I was doing EXACTLY what God put me here to do.

All I wanted was to tell MY story.  Impact ONE person.  And leave an impression on people that NF is just PART of who I am.

It was such an honor to be a part of this wonderful event...I was made to feel like an honored guest and for that I wanted to thank EVERYONE involved.  Especially the Borzellino family!

Me And Giorgio at the 2nd Annual Giorgio Foundation Fundraiser

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  1. How is the Giorgio Foundation different from the Children's tumor Foundation? This is a Direct question please answer. Also though I have NF I am more interested personally in the Tuberous Sclerosis alliance because of my satisfaction with effective treatments they have found that will benefit NFers as well.