Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hurry Up And Slow Down!

Do you ever get so busy and so overwhelmed with what's going on in your life, that it seems no matter what you do, you will never get ahead...?

This holiday season has been like no other.  Working full-time sure has made things different around my house...And it feels like whenever I get my head JUST above the water...Something happens to make me have t tread water just a little longer.

If you have paid any attention to this Star Wars movie....You know that it has broken records.  It is now the biggest movie ever!

These last 2 wks are a blur -

It's so easy to get overwhelmed ... It's so easy to forget that we need to slow down a little.

The other day, during a CRAZY MAD rush at the theater, my boss, was frantically running around in the back stock room, trying to get things ready....She looked stressed.  She looked angry.

As I pass by her....I say, "Hi ***** How are you...?"  Bleary-eyed she looks at me... "Uhhh....."
I smiled and ask her how her Christmas was.....

She sets down the rolls of cups she had in her arms....Smiles back at me....And says...."It was wonderful...!"  She told me about the quilt she got ...And how surprised she was, that her mother remembered....

S-L-O-W  D-O-W-N!

"How do you do that Kristi?"  She asks  "How are you so easy-going?"  "How is this NOT overwhelming you....?"  (meaning the massive amounts of people the are outside the stockroom)

I just smiled and told her..."They're JUST people seeing a movie..."

I know that everyday will have its end....And I will get to go to bed....and *Hopefully* get to wake up....
Yeah sure....and then come back to the theater...where it starts ALL OVER again.....But....NOW here's the secret....

If you SLOW DOWN....Even in the CRAZY- BUSY times in your life, I have found that life isn't so bad.

Today...As you go out into the world...Take things in....Experience them.  Even the bad stuff, can be turned into something GOOD

I barely remember the 2 years of driving back and forth to the hospital for my daughters chemotherapy...What I DO remember...is our quiet "dates" of milk shakes after we were done.  The meaningful conversations of what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Life is stressful....It's overwhelming...And Sometimes even painful ...But slowing down brings everything into perspective.

Slow Down.  Be present. Make a conscience effort to see the good things in life....And you will find yourself more easily able to:


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