Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vancouver, I Can't Wait to Meet You

I'm so excited!  In a few days, I will be in Vancouver British Columbia!

I have been invited to share my story about how Neurofibromatosis affects my life, as well as the lives of my children....And how we THRIVE throughout the many UPS and DOWNS of this disorder!

What does THRIVING look like?  I get questions like this all the time.  And my simple answer is this....THRIVING means taking control over your actions.  We all get angry...frustrated....sad...ETC....
But what happens after that...?

Thriving for ME....means I use that energy for something GOOD.  Something POSITIVE.

Try it.

I know it's hard to be positive all the time, when faced with the problems of such a complicated disorder...But, it's not about being positive all the time....It just about changing the way you respond....Changing the way you let things affect you.

This will change the way you are treated...I promise you!

If you act like a victim...You will be treated like a victim.

I don't always have it 'all together'...I have days where I shake my fists at God....But, then...I bounce back and realize my attitude and actions are MY RESPONSIBILITY!

Let's THRIVE together!

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  1. You were so close to me!! I wish I could have gone to that. I live close

    (we were faceook friends before I deleted my account)

    I hope it was fun!