Thursday, December 7, 2017


My dear friends.  This is Yoda. 

And so is THIS.

All 11cm of it.

'My' Yoda however, doesn't have a light saber.  No super powers.  And no wise or prophetic words.

It's a tumor.  A mass destroying my insides.  Making me in severe pain....And I need it GONE!

I first learned about Yoda several weeks ago.  After a VERY slow referral process, I am off to the OB/GYN to figure out how to best deal with Yoda.

I'm praying they just schedule surgery right then and there...I mean why wait...?  But I have this fear, that the DR is going to be like every-other-doctor and tell me that we are going to 'watch-and-wait'....God I hate that phrase.

It either means the DR has NO clue how to handle the situation....OR they have no clue WHAT the situation even is.

With Neurofibromatosis...I can't tell you how many times we have been told "watch and wait"...I mean...What the heck are we waiting for...?

I know I know...Not EVERY tumor is life threatening...And I also know, that for the MOST part, doctors have our best interest at heart....But at the same time....How can we do NOTHING!?!

I'm going in today - EXPECTING something more than 'watch-and-wait'.  I'll demand it, if I have to!

It's all about YOU taking control for YOU. Demand answers if you arent getting them!

I know - that in the end....this will result in a hysterectomy.  And I'm okay with this.  

Yoda...Sorry I am....Go, you MUST!

THrive On!

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  1. So sorry to hear about tumor. I was happy when I saw that you finally posted (reading your blog for few years) but now I'm sad about reason for posting. NF is too often watch-and-wait, and I hate that too. Hope that everything will be ok. Never stop thriving.
    Love from Bosnia.