Friday, April 6, 2018

Fear and Strength

I hate trying new things.  I do.  It's a fact.  When pushed out of my comfort zone, I shut-down...I retreat.  I cower. 

It's SCARYYYY out if I don't HAVE to...I like to stay nice and cozy in my little area.

But....What does staying cozy get me...?  Besides warm feet...

Over the past 3 years, I have been forced out of my little cozy-zone....and into a position that I had very little confidence that I could be successful at...And to my surprise--I'm kinda loving it.

Some of you know, I am a manager at a very busy movie of THE MOST busiest theatres in the country!!  I juggle scheduling, hiring, firing, training, and all the details of making sure your movie plays smoothly on the big screen.  I never - in a MILLION YEARS thought I would be capable of this kind of job...But, yet here I am.

Out of this fear I had, came this amazing strength and confidence...!!  Ask my hubby...I have changed, and grown, despite my resistance -- And there was a LOT of resistance!

What have I learned during this process..?  To STRETCH beyond myself!  To take a leap of faith and do something that pushes me....!  That's the ONLY way, I'm going to grow!

Just  doooo iiiitttt!

***I am launching this blog again...I know that it has slowly died, and I'm incredibly sad about it...My goal is to blog AT LEAST once a week...and try to build it back up.  I have a lot to talk about--So many things have happened--So get ready NF world...Kristi is BACK!

Thrive On!

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