Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Grinch

Turn it Around Tuesday

Who was 'The Grinch'? A Who down in Whoville who was born a little different? Someone with good intentions, who only became bad after he was treated so poorly?

I watch this movie several times a year (thanks to my children) and always take the side of The Grinch.

I remember a time in school, when my hair was cut short and permed...on top of the fact I was a short, chubby tomboy! I walked into the classroom and tried to hold my head up high. But it didn't matter...The kids laughed and pointed at me. I ran out of the classroom that day, determined to never go back.

The Grinch ran away too. To the mountain tops in Whoville and became a scary legend. A Who, who would never fit in. I can't help but feel sorry for him. But that's where The Grinch seems "happy" (I would be happy there too, just to get away from everyone). I have had to deal with people making fun of me my entire life. Being stuck in the real world - I DID go back to school versus hauling myself away into the Santa Monica Mountains!

The Grinch learns, (thanks to the insight of Cindy Lou), that he doesn't have to be bad. Cindy Lou teaches the whole town to see The Grinch as a "Who", not as someone who is a green and grumpy misfit, but only after she teaches The Grinch to see himself as a "Who" first as well. Once he stops stepping on others in retaliation for their stepping on him, he turns around and saves Christmas after all (nevermind that HE was the reason Christmas needed saving in the first place). The town embraces their new citizen and the spirit of Christmas is learned by one and all.

I wish it were that easy. But it doesn't have to be THAT hard. Who teaches us to make fun of things that are different? Does it feel good, to tear someone else down? It must, right? Or we wouldn't do it? Face it, it's easier to make yourself taller when you step on other people. That's the lesson learned by bullies of all ages.

Whether you've been bullied, have been a bully, or both (and haven't we all been both, at one point or another), the real solution comes in a change of thinking. When you step on others to get to the top, you're alone on your plateau, which is only exciting for a short time. When you choose instead to give as many people around you a step up, you have that many more people willing to pull you up with them in thanks. Instead of hiding alone in false triumph, you are able to party with many, knowing YOU have made a difference.

Call it the Christmas Spirit, or the Thriving Spirit - now is the time for all of us to give each other a boost up. Are you joining the party?

Happy Holidays!!


  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome! You are MY woman of the Year! Kristi Hopkins!--The Voice of STRENGTH!
    You are Awesome Ms Hopkins!
    Jim Schnuk