Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thriving Thursday

Dealing with Disabilities

I have written about my son, Braden before, but I wanted to just write about how super proud I am of him.

This past year, we decided to pull Braden from the "mainstream" classroom, and place him in a more one-on-one environment.
This was THE BEST decision we could have made for Braden. Not only is he much happier, but he is also retaining much more than he has is previous years.

Since Braden's diagnoses of Neurofibromatosis, we have had so many things to overcome. The learning disability has been with Braden since pre-school, but now that he is in 6th grade, he is more aware that he is not like the other kids. This wouldn't be a bad thing, but in years past the other children knew he was different too....and tormented him for it.

Braden would come home crying, telling me that he had no friends, and the other kids would call him names. I remember one incident, where I actually confronted the mother of one of the kids that was tormenting Braden...."Oh, he's just doing what boy's do, your son needs to toughen up."

Despite all of the problems at school, Braden continues to THRIVE with a positive attitude. He is always willing to face things head on, and never backs down from a challenge. (Even when that challenge is another child calling him "retard" or "weird".)

Every time I look into his baby blue eyes, I see strength. Someone who won't let a diagnoses take him down. A boy who is sweet and caring and a joy to have for a son. A kid who rocks at video games, who loves to take care of his baby sister, and a silly guy who comes crashing and pounding in, making his presence know, during family meetings.

As we battle Neurofibromatosis, we are educating the school staff and making a difference! We are teaching Braden that he IS IN FACT DIFFERENT...and how that's a VERY good thing!

Mommy loves you kiddo!

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  1. Kristi you made me cry! What an AMAZING Beautiful son you have! I am inspired by your story and hopeful that my son too will have the stregnth to THRIVE. Thank you! Jen K