Monday, December 7, 2009

Turn it around Tuesday


Today we are turning things around by educating folks about Neurofibromatosis! The next couple Tuesday's will have some trivia questions that I would LOVE for you to try to answer. Let's get the word out and tell people about NF!
Education = Power!

"Education is not the answer to the question. Education is the means to the answer to all questions."
-- William Allin

1> Neurofibromatosis has been classified into three types. Can you name them?

2> What is THE MOST common feature of Neurofibromatosis Type 1?

3> True of False "NF" affect males and females equally?

4> True or False "NF" is very contagious?

5> How many people WORLD WIDE does NF1 affect?

6> What is THE MOST distinguishing feature for "NF2"?

7> What was the name of the man commonly known as "THE ELEPHANT MAN"?

8> How many people WORLD-WIDE does NF2 affect?

9> Which chromosome does NF1 affect?

10> How many people can YOU personally educate about NF?

One of the greatest gifts we have, is our voice. With our voice we can talk to others about Neurofibromatosis. We don't have to fear this disorder. Each day may bring us challenges, but it also brings us a new opportunity to teach someone.
Go out and use your voice today....make an impact on someone and talk to them about Neurofibromatosis!


  1. 1: nf 1, nf 2 and schwannomatosis
    2: cafe au lat spots
    3: True
    5: whatever 1in 3000 births works out too
    7:Joseph Merrick
    8:whatever 1 in 40000 births works out too
    9: chromosome 17
    10: everybody i talk to!

  2. You rock!
    I'll leave #6 for someone else to answer....anyone?

  3. 6:

    Tumours grow on the eighth cranial nerves in both ears.