Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have plenty of respect, and give it where it is deserved. Lately, it seems doctors and teachers, people who we look to for guidance and answers have slammed shut that door of respect, and don't seem to care. (at least in my situations)
With my doctor, I have gone in begging her to help me....basically on my hands and knees, crying out to her "FIX ME...FIX ME!" " I don't want to live in pain anymore and you are supposed to be the one who can fix me!!!" I get silent answers, and often no hope of any relief.

With teachers...(who I very much respect, I was one, and my mother is one and I know how challenging the job can be) I have found- first off they deserve a HUGE raise. They are worth far more than what they are paid....and do much more behind-the-scenes then anyone will ever know.
But I just feel that there isn't enough out there, both for the child and the teacher --- to get everything possible out of the learning experience. Teachers are stretched beyond comprehension....children are frustrated, and goals end up in the gutter. Then no one is happy.
Over-crowded classrooms, under-paid staff....under-educated staff, can lead to situations like I experienced the other day, at my son's IEP meeting. I certainty don't blame the teachers for not being prepared about the NF....But this was not Braden's first IEP meeting with this teacher---she knew very well about NEUROFIBROMATOSIS, from our previous IEP meetings.
I do applaud the teacher's for wanting to know more, even asking personal questions about NF impacts our daily life--that really impressed me.
What my post was about - was simply me...venting a situation that happened. It doesn't make me " closed minded " just makes me a mom who doesn't want to see her son become someone people laugh and point at. My blogs - are of my doesn't make it fact for everyone....It's what I live...and how I live, seen through my eyes--
My son has to live with this for the rest of his life, far beyond the IEP meetings ....
All he wants is a little Respect.


  1. You always write about such meaningful things! Here I am feeling so incredibly bad about my terrible smile, my bad teeth and how disgustingly unphotogenic I am, and you go and write about the real stuff.