Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whiny Wednesday

Yeah, I do it every time....I push and push until things kinda just explode. I tend to look at things backwards, from the end result first and maybe that's my problem. But I just want what I want --when I want it!!

Yesterday, I found myself welling up with frustration....and no matter how much I tried to control it...I was bound for the edge, no matter what. In fact, I had huge rolling boulders pushing me towards the edge the entire day.

From the leaky washer, the van breaking down, vomit in the car seat, and cancelling an important appointment...the day was just horrible.....I found myself building up with this enormous amount of frustration and tension, and I didn't know what to do, or how to escape it.

Most of my posts are positive and uplifting...but today---forgive me, I just want to whine :)

After the van thing, the puke thing, and the appointment thing--I used our friends other car to get a few things done that needed to (THANK YOU TERRY) and had some time to think and sort out my craziness.

IF the van had not broken down....I would have had to take a puke covered Brooklyn to Bailey's maybe God was working in some way there....? I don't know, the brighter side of things was where I was trying to get myself.

By the time I had gotten home from running around, Bailey had thawed dinner, made sure everyone's homework was done, bathed Brook and had the other kids get their chores at least started.

My bad day vanished right before my very eyes, as my children surrounded me with hugs and kisses...proud of their accomplishments. Even though sometimes, I find myself at the edge...something always pulls me back. And if I happen to fall crashing to the bottom....I can always start over with a new day...A new perspective.

Today is better and I am thankful for that-

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