Monday, April 26, 2010

Blahhh Monday

I'm mentally and physically exhausted. I'm scared about the upcoming Neurosurgeon appnt. I miss holding someone at night. (kids are great, but..well...)
Mondays stink.
We had a good weekend though....Cleaned house and got some things in boxes--preparing for our move. Bailey and I also worked on her science project. She was great -- Looking things up and busily writing things down...the project isn't due till May 6th, so I'm so glad we are ahead of the game!

I'm not feeling very 'Motivational' today....woke up not feeling good. So this morning is just an update :)

Bailey is doing MUCH better than I, in regards to her upcoming appnt. She says "Let's get this tumor out of my I can move on with my life!" I know exactly how she feels. So much of our life, is spent waiting on other people to give us the answer--so that we CAN move on. (at least in MY life)

I hate waiting--it drives me crazy! But I know that this is a necessary wait, in order to get the BEST plan in place for Bailey.

She's worried about her hair, and camp and moving---Boy I wonder where she gets that worry from? Hmmm
Lastnight, I just held her for the longest time.....we talked about her hair, and camp and moving---I told her that I am worried about those things too....But---"Your hair will grow back, camp will happen...and our move will be great! --remember Bailey...u get your own room!!"

Helping her focus on the good, helps ME focus on the good.

Riley and Braden are seeing a urologist. Actually Riley has been seeing this DR since she was 5. Braden just began seeing her. My Riley has had chronic UTI's since the age of 4. We've had test after test done, and no one can explain why. So now she is on antibiotics everyday, for who knows how long...and is going weekly to exercise her bladder muscles.
We have yet to figure out Braden's issues. Dr put him on Ditropan, for a quick fix....but tests definitely shows a very spasmatic bladder....but the medication for that, made bedwetting WAY worse! Round and Round we go-

Rachel is doing well.....Except for her wild tantrums. They come out of no where, and nothing can calm her down. I often wonder if she is dealing with pain--and that's the only way she can get it out. Drs have no clue. I sometimes feel like I am walking in knowing loads more than they do.
They just use better words to sound smarter...and they have their handy dandy prescription pad, to give meds that only work to cover up a problem. Grrrrrr

Brooklyn gets to see an allergist -- she breaks out in hives all the time--so we are going to see if this is actually an allergic reaction to something.

Riker is great....besides fighting with his brother and sisters, he really is doing quite well. School is winding down and he is sooo excited for Kindergarten!

Well that's it for now....I'm taking a tylenol and going to rest.

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  1. I hope that all questions can be answered this week. you both have every right to be scared,its only natural. and the waiting, i would rather wait than jump into something ... (tight hugs) as for the hair... maybe you can convince some of the teachers at school to shave their heads for bailey!?.

    anyways, im sure we will talk later. but if you need anything you know where i am. .. always here if you need.
    (hugs to you and Bailey.)