Friday, April 16, 2010

Tumor Talk

We finally got a call back from Bailey's Neurosurgeon-Dr. Gruber regarding her tumor. The news was NOT what we had hoped for.

The tumor will NOT be treated with lazor, or the new / cool gama knife. Instead, a plan for open surgery is being put into place.

Confident that Bailey would take THIS news, as well as all the other things she has had to deal with, also took a turn for the worse. She broke down and began to cry.....Sometimes THIS is when a person shows just how strong they really are.

Being able to let down and FEEL the emotions of something like this is VERY important! It makes you real...and being "real" helps you grow.

I held her so tightly against me and told her that no matter what the drs decided to do....I will be there. She will not be alone, ever.

She's scared....and rightly so. Anytime one has surgery, it's scary.

So we will meet with another Dr, and the team will start the planning for surgery. Looks like we have a long road ahead of us....Good thing we have God on our side.


  1. It is actually a good thing that they can have surgery to remove it. Alot of times they are in a part of the brain that they are unable to get to because of the damage it would do, like my daughters. Surgery is scary, but this is good news for your daughter

  2. Thoughts and prayers are with Bailey and all of you.

  3. I have a good friend here in Lincoln that has a daughter who had had three surgerys for a brain tumor caused by NF. She was very active in the NF chapter that my husband and I started. She might have some really good advice. I will also send Bailey a message and perhaps she can talk to the daughter. Anyway, she is on facebook and her name is Sharon Pfeiffer.

    Bobbie Colgan

  4. It is good that they're able to remove it surgically but it's a huge thing to cope with.
    Hugs and thoughts for you all.