Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Dandelion Whine

My son usually comes home from school with a pocketful of "something" as a gift for me. He runs off the bus, greeting me with a smile and a hug and whips out whatever it is. I look forward to this time everyday--He's so happy and the stresses of my day melt away as soon as I see his face.

My "pocket gifts" have ranged from a half eaten pieces of pizza to rocks from his playground (that he "sneaked" just for me) to more useful things like marbles or play dough.

Today he runs off the bus excited and holding his pocket...."Hmmm What do you have Riker?!" I asked him. "It's a surprise mommy!" He runs of to the kitchen and gets to work.

A few minutes later, he calls he to come see. "Look mommy, I brought you flowers, do you like them?" I see a cup full of the most gorgeous dandelions I have ever seen, and a note.

Riker was so proud of himself, as he stood next to the cup filled with lawn weeds. He had no idea that most people look at these plants as something to get rid of. All he saw was a flower...and all he wanted to do was make his mommy happy. (And he did that)

I was talking to a friend of mine about my sons funny gifts and about the dandelions....and I was thinking about life with Neurofibromatosis. (I know I know...but stay with me here)

People look at us, as different....as something not within the "normals" of BEAUTIFUL. Or...they just don't look at us at all. But who says that a dandelion is ugly and unwanted? Who says that a tulip or rose is more lovely?

It just got me thinking about perception. I see my dandelions and smile, because they remind me of my children. They are beautiful to me, because of the wonderful meaning behind them. Why can't everyone take the time to see US the same way?

That's my Dandelion "Whine" today....


  1. What a gorgeous pressie :)
    I love the dandelions as they're fab as a herbal tea for cholesterol, liver, digestion, etc, and I've always found 'weeds' to be more interesting than garden variety blooms...just like people ;)

  2. I love dandelions. They remind me of childhood. And that bright yellow is fantastic.

    I think your analogy is perfect here : )