Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wow..What a Wednesday!

We fought for this MRI, and after weeks of appeals, today Bailey finally got to have it.

We checked in early, in hopes of getting in early (shhyyaaa right!) We ended up getting in as scheduled....and started the sedation soon after.

Three hours later, the MRI was finished and we were able to leave. Bailey was still groggy from the medicine, so we went and got something to eat and raced to the middle school for the awards assembly.

I found out last night, that Bailey was going to be awarded "something". We were worried that we weren't going to make it on time, but managed to catch the last 15 minutes.

When we walked into the front doors of the school, some of the teachers told Bailey how happy they were, that she had made it.

We sat in the bleachers and clapped through the "perfect attendance" and "high achievers"...Then three girls approached the front of the assembly, along with a teacher....Bailey was mentioned -- as was her brain tumor (Neurofibromatosis was also mentioned, but not actually said)

These three girls talked about how special Bailey is to them and how they wanted to do something special for her. They fund raised and collected money to purchase Bailey a yearbook. As Bailey and I approached the front, the entire school cheered and screamed Bailey's name!

They handed Bailey the yearbook and a handmade card.

Hugs all around, while the students continued to cheer.

The girls who presented the yearbook, had the entire 8th grade sign it and put in special messages. As we walked off I grabbed Bailey and hugged her. Flashbacks of my own experience flooded my mind.....MY 8th grade experience was horrible....and I smiled knowing that it was all going to be different for Bailey.

Bailey is and will always be THRIVING with NF, because she has support, that is confidently holding her up, and pushing her forward. I am proud of her, and I know that this heartfelt gift will be something she will always remember!


  1. that is so wonderful!!! i wish all good things!

  2. ok where are the tissues....AWESOME!!! God Bless You Bailey....


  3. What a nice story. I wish more people would understand my Allison and support her like your daughters school did. What a touching story.

  4. That is so awesome Kristi. it could have gone completely opposite but it just goes to show you the future generations DO care and respect other children. Thank you for sharing that. Gives me hope for my kids future!