Thursday, May 19, 2011

E.A.S.Y. Way to Thrive (part 4)


Last but not least Y....For YIELD.  Yielding with NF has nothing to do with traffic rules.  Yielding DOES NOT mean, allowing others to pass you by....But I am talking about yielding  to your STRENGTH!

Yield to the reality that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL

Regardless of cafe au laits, bumps, plexiforms--Whether they are hidden under your clothes, or displayed to the world in all their glory.  

YIELD to the possibility that you can be whoever you want to be!  Your children can be whoever they want to be, regardless of Neurofibromatosis!

I know I come off real motivational, and I know that it annoys A LOT of people, but know this...I would much rather be annoyingly motivational and positive, than to live my life angry, depressed and afraid.

My hubby is a motivational speaker....and I have spent YEARS blocking out his positive attitude platitudes.  I focused on everything that was wrong in my life.  I felt that since there was nothing I could do to stop NF from happening...why bother trying to be happy it?

It wasn't until I YIELDED to the fact that not only was I hurting myself by building a wall around my NF with my own fear and ignorance, I was hurting my children along the way.  I DESERVE BETTER!  THEY DESERVE BETTER!  YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Thriving with NF isn't always E.A.S.Y. but once you take new actions...positive actions, you will be amazed at how your attitude will transform!

Educate yourself

Take Action and watch your Attitude change

Share positively and lovingly with others

Yield to your new found THRIVING life...believing you are good enough to have it!

And most importantly...

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